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For decades the Wingtack® product line has been leading the market in quality and performance with its broad range of C5 tackifying resins.

Thanks to our new technology, we are pleased to announce the addition of a new member to the Wingtack® family: Wingtack EXTRA F30 based on a sustainable feedstock.

Click here for the Wingtack Extra F30 technical Update.

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Total Cray Valley, the market leader with the widest range of liquid Polybutadienes in the industry is pleased to announce that the first commercial production run of liquid polybutadiene at its new C4 chemical manufacturing plant located in Carling, France.  Ricon 130 was produced successfully in early 2017.  The facility is able to produce several thousand tons of product per year. It is TCV’s fifth C4 manufacturing plant, providing customers easier access to a more reliable supply of polybutadiene-based functional additives.

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