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Hydrocarbon Resins

TOTAL Cray Valley’s hydrocarbon resin products complete a diverse portfolio.

The Wingtack® and Cleartack® lines cover a wide spectrum of aliphatic and aromatic grades. The Wingtack grades are high-quality, low color C5 and C5/C9 resins. The Cleartack W series are colorless pure-monomer resins. Hydrocarbon resins from TOTAL Cray Valley have utility in many markets. In adhesives, hydrocarbon resins are used in hot melts, pressure sensitive tapes and labels, construction mastics, and many specialty applications. Hydrocarbon resins are also excellent tackifiers and compatibilization aids in the rubber market. In addition, hydrocarbon resins have found utility in coatings, investment wax casting compounds, thermoplastic/thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) modification, hydrophobic sealants, and coatings.

Wingtack® – Liquid Resins, Aliphatic Resins and Aromaticly Modified

Cleartack®– W Series