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On December 17, 2018, Cray Valley announced its intention to exit the SMA® Business.  Please visit Polyscope Polymers BV at

We thank you for your business
--  Cray Valley


SMA® multifunctional resins are a family of low molecular weight resins which include styrene/maleic anhydride, amic acids, imides, copolymer base resins, partial esters of the base resins and aqueous ammonia salt solutions of the base resins and ester resins. SMA® resins are used in diverse applications such as paper sizing, powder coating, pigment dispersions, inks, over print varnishes, leather retanning, microelectronics fabrication and processing, carpet/textile cleaners and floor care products. SMA® resins can function as polymeric surfactants in dispersing and emulsifying applications, as high functionality cross-linking agents or as chemical intermediates in the production of specialty polymers.

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