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Product Profile


Our Products

Cray Valley manufactures and supplies diene-based liquid homopolymers and copolymers, C5 and C9 hydrocarbon tackifying resins, derivatives, metallic monomer salts of acrylic and methacrylic acid, and specialty monomer products. 

We sell these products under the Ricon®, Ricobond®, Poly bd®Krasol®, Wingtack®, Cleartack®, and Dymalink® brand names.

Cray Valley focuses on rubber and adhesives, while also supporting other traditional markets and new opportunities in the electronics, coatings, and plastics modification areas. The many technologies for us lead to molecular structures in our products that promote rheology control, crosslinking, adhesion, sealing, reactive intermediates, polymer synthesis, and dispersion.

Continuous improvement and technology innovation enables Cray Valley to capitalize on new products and manufacturing excellence. These synergies lead to increased value in our markets and business growth for our customers.