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Krasol® F 3000 Novel Bio-Based Diol for Polyeurethanes

Bio-Based Diol for Polyurethanes  🌱

CTA Krasol F3000 biobased tech update

Krasol® F 3000, a polyfarnesene diol from  Cray Valley is based on sustainable, non-petroleum derived from feedstocks. It provides well-defined microstructure, narrow molecular weight range, and near quantitative terminal hydroxyl functionality (2.0). Its unique structure enables Krasol F 3000 to have a much lower viscosity, while still having narrowly defined hydroxyl functionality and vinyl content. It is ideal for use in applications such as:

  • Specialty adhesives and sealants
  • Coatings
  • Thermoplastic urethanes
  • Encapsulants for electronics

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