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Liquid Polybutadiene Resins


Liquid Polybutadiene Resins

TOTAL Cray Valley offers a diverse selection of specialty liquid polybutadiene grades including low and high vinyl polybutadiene homopolymers and poly(styrene butadiene) copolymers. Ricon® grades offer a complete selection of microstructures, which translates to a wide spectrum of glass transition temperatures. In addition to the base product line, functional derivatives are available. The Ricon MA and Ricobond® series include maleic anhydride grafted grades.

Poly bd® hydroxyl-terminated polybutadienes are available, and our unique Krasol® product line consists of both unsaturated and fully hydrogenated telechelic polybutadiene diols.

The products are used in an equally broad spectrum of markets and applications. Low-viscosity liquid polybutadienes are used as processing aids and the wide Tg range allows for modification of tire performance properties. In addition, high vinyl grades are useful as coagents for the peroxide cure of rubber. Functional grades expand the utility of the polybutadiene resins to many other applications including polyurethanes, hydrophobic sealants and coatings, and thermoplastic/thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) modification.

Ricon® – Low and High Vinyl Homopolymers, Copolymers and Derivatives
Krasol® – Hydroxyl Terminated Diols, Hydrogenated Diols, and Derivitives
Poly bd® – Hydroxyl Terminated and Epoxidized