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Krasol F3000

Krasol F 3000, a polyfarnesene diol, is produced from trans-β-farnesene, a bio-based monomer produced by Amyris under the tradename Biofene®. Amyris produces Biofene from sustainable feedstocks at high purity in commercial quantities. As with Krasol polybutadiene diols, TOTAL Cray Valley produces Krasol F 3000 via anionic polymerization, providing well-defined microstructure, narrow molecular weight range, and near quantitative terminal hydroxyl functionality (2.0).

Krasol F3100

Krasol® F 3100 is a hydrogenated, bio-based hydroxyl terminated, liquid polyfarnesene resin. The unique backbone structure provides lower viscosity than polybutadienes at similar molecular weight.

Tech Update

Krasol® F 3000 Novel Bio-Based Diol for Polyurethanes